Our Purpose

Indianapolis animals need
our help.

Each year, more than 10,000 homeless animals arrive at the Indianapolis Animal Care Services city shelter. Unfortunately, its municipal budget falls far short of meeting this growing problem. That’s where Friends of Indy Animals comes in: We raise funds to help IACS save animal lives.

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Lend a human hand. Save an animal life.

Right now, a homeless animal needs your help. Make a donation—and make Indianapolis a safer place for vulnerable animals—right now.


Our Impact


Since 2003, Friends of Indy Animals has provided critical financial support to Indianapolis Animal Care Services. Our work has saved countless animal lives. But there’s much more work to be done.

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Our Future


Help us build a better future
Join the Journey Home Capital campaign and help us build a new shelter for Indy’s homeless animals.

Our Appeal

Every animal counts.
Every dollar does, too.

It could be $5. It could be $500. Either way, your donation makes a difference. So please, don’t wait to make Indianapolis a safer place for animals.

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