Our Impact

We’re tackling

animal suffering head on.

In the fight against animal suffering, Indianapolis Animal Care Services is on the front lines. Every year, IACS takes in more than 15,000 dogs, cats and other animals. Many of them have been neglected, abandoned, or abused. 

We launched Friends of Indy Animals in 2003 because we knew that IACS needed help tackling this monumental challenge. In the years since, we’ve made major strides in making Indianapolis city where all animal lives are protected. 

Most important of all, we’ve helped IACS improve its save rate to 90%—a staggeringly high number for a large municipal shelter. With the help of supporters, we’re making our community one where every animal has a chance to live a life of dignity and security.

A Snapshot of Our Impact

Since our founding, our fundraising efforts have contributed to:

  • Improvements that have enhanced quality of life for the animals housed at IACS
  • Funding for emergency surgical care for seriously injured animals
  • Home “scholarships” so new adoptive families can afford training sessions
  • Investment in training support for shelter dogs, improving their chances of adoption
  • Assistance for IACS veterinary staff, including medical books, equipment, and vaccines
  • Support for IndyCares, a counseling program promoting pet retention among owners
  • Support for a trap-spay-neuter program to control the local feral cat population

Our Impact in 2023