IACS Services

Save a life.

Enrich your own.

Each year, more than 10,000 animals arrive at the Indianapolis Animal Care Services municipal shelter.

A huge part of saving animal lives is helping them find loving homes. If you or someone you know is looking for an animal companion, there’s no better place to start than Indianapolis Animal Care Services.

Adopt a pet. Indianapolis Animal Care Services can match you with your future best friend. Start your journey today.

Foster a pet. Foster a pet by providing a nurturing environment while it’s waiting for its forever home. Learn how.


Medical Emergency Care

Just like people, animals sustain serious injuries any time of night or day. Friends provides funding to make sure any animal, whether in IACS’s care or out on the streets, can receive the life-saving services needed when these injuries/illnesses happen.


Animals in the shelter, especially dogs, develop behavior issues if their stay with IACS is too long. In order to improve chances for adoption, we provide training assistance “scholarships” for families whose newly adopted pet may have some short-term issues. We also pay for dogs to have some time away from the shelter at much calmer, quieter local board/training facilities.


Sometimes, animals are surrendered at the shelter because their owners don’t have the resources to provide the care their pets need. IndyCARES offers financial assistance for medical needs, spay/neuter assistance, pet food, and more to help families keep their pets at home where they belong.

Community Cat Support

Trap/neuter/return programs help keep cats in their natural outside environments without prolific breeding. Friends provides funding for cat trapper initiatives and efforts to spay/neuter as many community cats as possible. Not only does this stop more kittens from being born, but it also helps keep these cats out of the shelter.

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Did you find a lost animal?

Below are some resources you can use to help out your lost furry friend.