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On Love and Moxie.

Friends of Indy Animals was founded on November 17, 2003. While our organization has come a long way since then, our goal remains unchanged: To improve the quality of life for animals in Indianapolis.

Since our founding, we’ve firmly established ourselves as the one organization dedicated to preventing animal suffering by supporting the one organization in our city that has the ability and the authority to protect all animals in our city: Indianapolis Animal Care Services.

Our work over the years has produced amazing results. We’ve supported the adoption of thousands of animals. We’ve saved even more lives by aiding IACS in its efforts to achieve a 90% save rate. And we’ve connected countless volunteers with IACS, where they help meet the enormous needs of our city’s homeless animal population.

While we’re proud of our past, we’ve even more excited about the future. We’re helping fund a brand-new shelter for IACS, and we expect it to have a profound impact on animal welfare in our city. To help fund the shelter—and to join us in our mission to save and protect the animals of Indianapolis—donate today.

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