A Plea for Help

As you probably know, Friends of Indy Animals funds services at IACS – including emergency medical procedures- that the city doesn’t.  Surgeries for dogs like Martha (above), a lost dog brought to us by one of our animal control officers who thought she was pregnant. Actually, Martha was suffering from pyometra, a life-threatening vaginal infection, and needed surgery to save her life. The cost of Martha’s surgery: $2,600.

So, it’s a good thing Friends of Indy Animals was able to provide the money for Martha’s care. Today, she’s been reunited with her family, happy and healthy.

But the next animal needing emergency care might not be so lucky. Because IACS is in its busiest season of the year – and the cost of everything, including veterinary care, has risen dramatically. And because of cases like Martha’s, most of Friends of Indy Animals annual budget has already been spent, with half a year to go.

That is why we need your help so urgently.  Without additional funding, Friends cannot fund all the life-saving medical services required by so many animals. Summer is a stressful time for animals. July fireworks caused frightened, escaped pets, and the extreme temperatures are here to stay. Our animal control officers will impound those animals left out in sweltering heat. 

Will you help? Please consider an emergency donation to Friends. When you do, you’re a hero to hundreds of animals in need – and the people working day and night to care for them.

Thanks for your understanding. Together, we can get through this difficult time and make life better for everyone – people and animals alike- in our community.

DONATE HERE:  https://friendsofindyanimals.org/donate/