Jefferson & Mary Shreve make $100K donation to Friends of Indy Animals  

Shreves also donates $50K to five Indianapolis animal welfare organizations 

INDIANAPOLIS (Dec. 12, 2023) — Former Indianapolis Mayoral Candidate and City-County Councilor Jefferson Shreve and his wife, Mary, made a $150K donation to the Indianapolis animal welfare community. The Shreves donated $100K to Friends of Indy Animals, the 501(c)(3) organization supporting Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS). In addition to this contribution, the Shreves also donated $10K to five Indianapolis animal welfare nonprofits: Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside, Four-Legged Ranch, Indy Neighborhood Cats, Lucci’s Bully House Rescue and Rosie’s Southside Animal Rescue. 

“During my campaign, I pledged to contribute my mayoral salary to IACS, if elected,” stated Shreve. “This commitment was not just a campaign promise; it reflected a genuine dedication to the well-being of animals. While I did not win the election, I am pleased to fulfill this commitment through today’s donation. I also acknowledge the tireless efforts of individuals running animal rescue organizations in our city. Their hard work in keeping strays off the streets and pulling animals from IACS ultimately reduces the population at our city’s shelter.” 

The Shreves’ donation to Friends of Indy Animals is specifically earmarked for addressing critical 24-hour medical emergencies at IACS. Emergency medical care constitutes the most substantial portion of Friends of Indy Animals’ budget and represents its most pressing need. 

“We are extraordinarily grateful for Jefferson and Mary’s generous support,” said Jason Larison, board chairman for Friends of Indy Animals. “The needs at IACS are significant and are often a matter of life or death for our city’s animals. The Shreves’ donation will help fund both large and small-scale medical treatments and ultimately save animals’ lives.” 

Mary and Jefferson Shreve’s dedication to animal welfare spans over a decade. They adopted a rescue dog, Shelby, and consistently make annual contributions to nonprofit organizations such as FIDO and Rosie’s Southside Animal Shelter. 

Despite this ongoing commitment, Shreve’s awareness of the challenges facing IACS deepened during his mayoral campaign. In September, he hosted a listening session that drew 70 passionate animal welfare advocates. The meeting conveyed the dire conditions of the shelter that staff and volunteers characterized as elevated intake levels, understaffing and a shortage of veterinary resources, to name a few. 

“IACS’ dedicated staff and volunteers play a crucial role in our community,” Shreve said. “While our donation and those of many others will make an impact, significant changes and improvements must be driven by city leadership. I will continue to hold our public officials accountable for advancing animal welfare, and I invite fellow animal lovers citywide to join me in this commitment.” 

“Jefferson’s mayoral campaign brought much-needed attention to the critical needs at IACS, and today’s donation is a significant step towards meeting those needs,” said Justin Allen, an animal welfare advocate and Friends of Indy Animals board member. “But in order to make meaningful, lasting changes at our shelter, we’ll need continued community support and leadership. I greatly appreciate individuals in our community like the Shreves for their support for the shelter and look forward to ongoing collaboration in the future.” 

To learn more about how you can make a difference at IACS, click here. If you would like to donate to Friends of Indy Animals, click here