Our Impact : The New Shelter

Join us in building

a better future for Indy’s animals.

The shelter facility currently operated by Indianapolis Animal Care Services fails to meet the needs of our city’s homeless animal population. In recent years, IACS staff have been forced to set up temporary crates in hallways simply to create enough space for the animals in its care.

An overcrowded shelter isn’t just uncomfortable for animals. It increases their risk for shelter-borne diseases, and negatively impacts their behavior. Animals sheltered in an adverse environment are less likely to be adopted, further contributing to a vicious cycle of animal homelessness. 

We should no longer accept an Indianapolis where our animals are packed into an overcrowded and under-resourced environment. So, in partnership with IACS, we’re laying the groundwork for a brand-new animal shelter. 

The process began in 2017, when the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services contracted KRM Architecture to conduct a building needs assessment and programming study. The results of the study were unmistakably clear: IACS desperately needs a new shelter.

We’re working to support IACS with the necessary capital to make the shelter a reality. To learn more about how your can support our efforts, please fill out the form below.

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