Save More Lives

“If Indianapolis Animal Care Services is run by the City of Indianapolis, why do you need to raise money? Don’t our taxes support it?”

Great question—one we get all the time. So we’ll answer it directly: The city can provide basic services. But Friends of Indy Animals funds a lot of critical, life-saving programs the city’s budget just can’t support.

Like Indy CARES (Companion Animal Resources, Education, and Support), a program for thousands of pet owners who would not be able to afford many services without our help, such as food, vaccines, and veterinary care. Last year alone, Indy CARES helped nearly 2,000 people keep the animals they love, but had difficulty caring for, in their homes—and out of the shelter.

Like emergency after-hours surgeries for hundreds of sick and injured animals—services that would be impossible without Friends of Indy Animals.

Like Royal Recess at Pet Palace for pets who are suffering under the stress of shelter life, helping them relax, so they can find their forever homes.

And our Lodge & Learn program that provides offsite training for good dogs who need a bit of behavioral help.

These and other initiatives would simply not be possible without Friends of Indy Animals—and the love and support of people like you. The city can do the basics—but your support keeps thousands of animals out of our too-crowded shelter and in the homes of the families who love them.

With your help, we can keep going beyond the basics—and save the lives of thousands more animals in our community every year.