Leo Broke a Nail

Many times broken nails are no big deal, but poor Leo was in quite a bit of pain and needed to see a vet. Unfortunately, his owners had just paid for two ER visits for their senior pets and just didn’t have anything left to have him seen. They reached out to the shelter’s Indy CARES program and they were able to pay for Leo to go to West Michigan Street Veterinary Clinic where they removed the broken nail.

Leo was sent home with antibiotics and pain medicine and the vet staff says he will be good as new once the nail area heals!

This is exactly what the Indy CARES program is here for, to help families out in their time of need, when it seems like they don’t have any other options.

We understand that hard times happen, finances can be tight, and sometimes you just need a little extra help.

Want to support Indy CARES’ mission? Donate to help us help others! Every dollar means more pets in homes with families who love them.